“So what is the plan for holiday?” is probably the most asked question at this time of the year in any workplace.

The holiday season is well and truly here with Christmas songs, shops stocked with gifts, Christmas trees and Santa costumes with some really cold weather.

While all of these things are inevitable, this time of year can lead to a drop in productivity, too. Employees are preoccupied with secret Santa’s and trying to decide party venues for Christmas and New Year eve. Probably work is the last thing on their minds.

That’s why it’s important to create an atmosphere that both welcomes the festive period but also encourages employees to engage with their everyday tasks.

So how do you keep your employees engaged over the holidays? Here are a few ideas.

Embrace the holiday spirit

For most people, the holiday season is a time of fun and happiness. Embrace it by letting employees decorate the office however they see fit. This gives them more control over their environment, increasing their area and making them feel more at home in the office.

You could also have holiday-themed team-building activities. Feel free to email us for details of activities.

Make sure everyone is given the chance to take part in the festivities, too. Leaving employees out makes them feel isolated and like they’re not a valued part of the team.

Get their opinions on activities, and be sure to invite everyone.

Give them time off…if they want it

Most employees want at least some time off during the holiday season.

First-come-first-served systems aren’t always fair and can become like The Hunger Games of paid time off.

Instead, find out who’d like to be out of the office during that time, and then build the schedule from there. You may find that you have team members who don’t want or need the time off and can cover for those that do.

Remember: Everyone doesn’t celebrate

Some people may not want to celebrate because simply celebration isn’t their thing.

Accept that, and don’t force them to take part in activities if they don’t want to. Do invite them so that they don’t feel left out – you still want them to feel like they’re a part of the team – but don’t force them to take part in something they don’t want to take part in. Festivities should be optional, not mandatory.


To Conclude

The holiday season can be great fun for everyone if you embrace the fact that we all celebrate in different ways.

Just because employees are at work that doesn’t mean they need to forget that Christmas is almost upon us.So long as you find the right balance between celebrating the holiday season and getting the work done, you and your employees can enjoy the festivities while still meeting deadlines.


By – Vishal Punetha

Vishal is a Corporate Trainer with I Train Consultants India Pvt. Ltd.