We have an array of activities for any level or size of audience.

Engaging teams to drive business results by participating in a highly interactive environment through activities, challenges, puzzles, and games. While the activities are designed to get the group talking, it is the “debrief” that enables us to drive business value through each program. Content research, participant behavior, management insight and business objectives are the pillars of each teambuilding program. To request for a teambuilding program and motivate your teams, get in touch with us and we will be glad to share a complete showcase of our activities.

Indoor Activities


Great Zombie Escape

Are zombies for real? Find out as you race against time to escape zombieland and ensure your survival.

Solve the clues or face the wrath of the zombie!

The Winning Pitch

They say an impression is made in 90 seconds. In this challenge, we give you 1 ½ hours to impress the ‘Board of Directors’ and win a unique business opportunity.

One Team, One Campaign; A Winning Pitch is all it takes!

Shoes for the Soul

A fun team building event that lets you give to those in need, while discovering the artist in you. The results? A vibrantly painted footwear along with an accessory that any child in need would be proud to wear!

Each team will be given complete decorative supplies to put their personal touch on their shoes and accessory bag and come up with their marketing campaign.

All your creative hard work goes to a great cause  as all shoes will be donated to a charity/non-profit organization!

Corporate Fashion Runway

This green team building event just may be the perfect way to energize your group with plenty of smiles and laughter.

Imagine teams designing, sketching and creating their very own clothing lines, all assembled  from a wild assortment of recyclable materials. A weird and wonderful runway fashion show, complete with marketing pitches by each team, provides the big finish.

Prisoners’ Dilemma

The extremely popular ‘social experiment’ activity based on the principles of Game Theory; Prisoners’ Dilemma pits groups amongst each other.  Without communicating, they need to decide whether they would like to swim or sink together.

More then 90 % of the time, groups decide to sink together.

A great activity to reinforce the importance of trust, communication and the definition  of a ‘Team’ in any organization

Marvellous Super Hero

Marvellous Superhero gives you the opportunity and platform to showcase  your team’s individual strengths  and create one big superhero incorporating all of  them

News Room

As a group of intrepid journalists working on a tight deadline to present a 5 minute news telecast, you get to decide the stories that you air today.   Create, Report, Edit, Present.

The spotlight is definitely on you.



Outdoor Activities


The Olympic Medal Games

Compete head to head for the gold medal through a series of challenging courses.

Be warned though, the challenges are not as simple as you think they are!

Human Foosball

This activity will take the popular table game to a whole new, larger-than-life level! Teams will compete to score the most goals while moving together from side to side. A fun action packed experience for everyone!

Blanket Volleyball

A popular fun sport with a cant see twist! Same rules, same objective, except the net is not see through and you cant see over it! Don’t know where the ball is coming from? Anticipation, communication & trust is the name of the game here

Catapult to Victory

This high flying activity inspires every team towards getting their idea off the ground – Literally! Effective brainstorming, prototyping, innovation and testing comes into play here  as teams to compete in two rounds of competition.

All building materials provided to construct you launch pad!

3 Stick Bridge

It’s a race and it’s on sticks!

Are you creative enough to come up with ideas to make a mobile bridge with bamboo poles and ropes? Are you brave enough to be the rider? Are you strong enough to pull the bridge to the finishing point?

Frost Bite

A group of amateur hikers have been caught in a snowstorm and need to build a tent for shelter from the harsh and chilly weather.   The only professional member, the guide, has been stricken by frostbite.  He knows how to build a tent quickly but can’t help.  The group can, but does not know how.

Will the group come out of it alive to tell great stories or is it the tragic end to a promising adventure?

International Pipeline

Construct an international pipeline  as a mode of transportation for water to the drought stricken village.   International pipeline is an activity that pushes people to cross boundaries through and contribute to each others success.

Marble Run

A mix of Fair Play, Collaboration and Competition; your team will have to transport marbles from one area to the other using pipes. Team with the most marbles in the designated area wins


Get your team across a minefield safely.

Easier said then done because eyes can lie and greed can be all consuming. The most obvious choice may not be the best after all. Strategize, learn from your mistakes, be profitable and avoid the mines.  Its explosive out there.

Football Frenzy

Football Frenzy has taken over.  It is football unlike anything you have experienced before. Get Ready for 4 rounds of mad football which will challenge you mentally and physically

Water Volleyball

What may sound like a regular activity might just surprise you. Any misses will cost you heavily as you will be tossing water balloons from one side to the other . How many hits and misses will your team make?


Outdoor/Indoor Activities


Super Chef Challenge

Get ready to become a super chef for a day! It’s the battle of the Aprons, as teams will create their own culinary experience to win the ultimate Super Chef competition.

Uniqueness, presentation & of course taste all come into play as the cook off begins!

All dishes will be professionally judged with a winner being declared based on the given criteria. May the best cooks win!

Amazing Car Race

Be a part of a team that is participating in a proper car race.  Build a car from a scratch.  Design it, develop it, decorate it, Drive it.

Go head to head against your competitors to tell them who the real McQueen is, once and for all.

Remember, your reputation is at stake.  Let’s race!


3 groups, 3 different tasks, 30 minutes to complete them all.

Are you a planner or an executer?

An extremely dynamic activity that brings out individuals’  approach to a task and how they react to change, success, failure and ownership.

Flash Mob

Collaborate & Create! Teams prepare a spontaneous flash mob using their dance skills, posters and accessories. The twist is in how they can piece together each teams flash mob to create one big one!

Battle of the Bands

Live the dream of a famous singer/rock band!

Teams to form their bands and battle it out in lip sync format complete  with costume/stage props, posters & accessories.

Movie Magic

Teams to create a 2 minute movie trailer complete with props, casting roles, directors & writers!

Theme can be customized such as organizational values, achievements, future growth etc..

Royal Wonder- The Giant Pyramid

Can you follow instructions?  A sheet of paper and some cardboard sheets could potentially transfer you to an ancient world where you play the role of a chief engineer trying to create one of the ‘Wonders of the Ancient World’.  Be ready to comply, lead, decide and ‘lash’ it out.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Build team chemistry and create great memories! Step out of your comfort zone and go on  a hunt to capture the most memorable photos based on the  series of tasks/clues given to your team.

Ad Mad Campaign

Create a captivating advertisement of 2 to 3 mins that showcase your achievements, company values or trend setting initiatives

The event will end  by awarding the team with the best advertisement

Bigger and Better

Can you trade a plain A4 sheet paper for a brand new bike?

Bigger and Better is a team building activity in which teams compete by trading ordinary objects. The team that ends up with the biggest and best items at the end of the stipulated time wins!

Giant Puzzle

Imagine a jig saw puzzle that is 100 times the one that you have ever seen.  Add 100 individuals holding all the different pieces without really knowing what the objective of the activity is.  Result:  Madness!

Who is going to take the lead?  How do you get the right pieces in the right places?  More importantly, will the group listen to you?

This amazing activity will test your ability to manage and control large groups while focusing on a single objective