Manu Gour


Manu focuses on ‘getting the big picture right’ to create a vision for the participants and motivate them to chase their success with a modification to their skill sets.

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Sonia Kaistha


Sonia’s approach focuses on ‘structured learning for impact.’ This approach enables participants to measure their learning and benchmark visible results.

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Samir Limbu


Samir believes that ‘the right inspiration will lead to the right motivation’ and he uses this focus to enable participants to believe in the benefits of change through training.

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Sumitra Chatterjee


Sumitra’s strength lies in her ability to relate to the audience and create an environment for their active participation which enhances the learning process. She believes that the right perspective helps individuals to look at life in a way that is encouraging and positive.

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Vikram Jauhar

VIKRAM JAUHARSenior Consultant

‘The ability to convert ideas to action is the secret to one’s success’ is Vikram’s mantra. He helps participants realize their potential to envision their future growth and develop the skill sets required to reach their goal.

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Jasmine K Marak

JASMINE K MARAKCorporate Trainer

Jasmine’s strength lies in her ability to guide the audience through interactive sessions and working with them to help them evolve as better individuals.

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