Problem Statement

Low team alignment. Multi-cultural and international team that needs to work well with the local Bangladesh third party resources to deliver on stringent business requirements while working as ‘one’ team.

What we did

1.Initial research comprised of representatives from all aspects and groups within the organization. A thorough qualitative analysis based report was made.

2.Transparency and communication were chosen as focus areas and the decision to drive the project from a constructive standpoint was taken.

3.The TIKI-TAKA (A Soccer Gameplay) theme was chosen and programs / coaching sessions along the lines of leadership, influencing without authority, communication and managing mindsets etc. were delivered with a Soccer themed approach.

4.The leadership team was also coached and a site-wise review on implementation effectiveness was documented and shared internally.

The Outcome

This project led to opening of communication channels leading to better connect across the focus groups. In the words of their country head, ‘This has brought people together, filled them with energy and commitment like never before.’