Problem Statement

A micro finance organization added a Savings Portfolio as part of its offerings.  Instantly, the image of the organization changed. It needed to create awareness and educate not just its employees but also it customers who for the longest time knew of it as just a lending organization.  The employees needed a major mindset shake up to be up-skilled to drive the Saving Portfolio.

What we did

1.I Train met with various stakeholders, employees and customers of the organization across 11 locations in 5 districts

2.Supported by the facts and data along with customer perspectives gathered,  we created tools to assess and analyze current processes and products

3.By the end of the project, we had developed, designed and delivered a developmental journey that addressed the core business concerns and successfully transferred the project to the organization.

The Outcome

Within two years, the Portfolio size had grown by over 56%

Outreach:  While there wasn’t any change in the number of new branches, the number of users had increased by over 88000