Problem Statement

Is growth a good thing?  Not if it is too much, too fast. A telecom shared-service unit found out the hard way as client complaints started piling up and there was a threat of newer business going to their competitors.

What we did

1.In essence, everybody in the organization knew, it was a case of team members not demonstrating ownership.  When we dug deeper, we understood, everybody had a different definition of ownership

2.By the end of three months, we met with the senior leadership team and defined what ‘Ownership’ meant for their organization

3.We designed a roadmap and trained all the mid level managers, identified 60 Value Ambassadors and further trained them to sensitize, counsel and support every employee of the organization

4.Post the three months of operation and reinforcement, we supported the angels through calls and coaching so that they could take the work forward

The Outcome

Today, after nearly two and half years, the program has become a mandate for every new join-nee and is part of their induction process.  The seriousness accorded to the project has resulted in the client complaints coming down drastically and business continues to grow