Business Requirement

The strategic move of a Telecom Major as a business towards Digitalization, Clouding and Automation called for a new project – The Essentials 2020. This strategic move was designed to change and improve the experience for the company’s customers. The Learning and Development Team wanted to enable its employees to embrace the change and grow with it.

What we did

1.Based on inputs from the organization, we developed and designed a program focused on sensitizing people towards the change and why it was important for the Organization and themselves at a personal level

2.We helped participants understand and analyze how they could contribute to their own/ the teams and the organization’s success by becoming the change drivers

The Outcome

Participants were motivated and secure to carry the learning to their teams as well and enable them to undergo the transition smoothly and successfully. The program has become a fixture on the client’s training calendar and we are running at least 1- 2 days of the program every month. About 200 participants have been a part of this workshop since 2014 and more have enrolled for the workshop in the coming months.