Business Requirement

A leading IT firm wanted a Coaching & Mentoring workshop for their young managers.  These young managers were organically grown, hence, credibility was a major challenge for them while sharing feedback or attempting to coach.

What we did

1.Pre-training work included surveys, focus group meetings and one on one with the target audience and their managers

2.Based on the findings, a 2 day training workshop was designed with comprehensive post training work

3.Conducted two workshops monthly for a period of 11 months covering over 186 young managers

4.Post the workshop, participants presented their project to the Senior Management Team.  I Train supported the participants all along the project and monitored, reviewed and coached them along with their managers and the HR team.

The Outcome

This project inculcated a sense of accountability not just in the minds of the participants but also in the minds of their managers for creating a leadership pipeline.  The huge success of this project led to an advanced level of ‘Coaching & Mentoring’ along with a workshop for ‘Receiving Feedback’.